The purpose of this church shall be the advancement of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.  It shall seek to attain this end through:

    Worship of God by expressing our love to him in activities such as regular services, prayer, praise, etc. both individually or in groups.

    Evangelism by communicating God’s Word to those who are lost whether they are part of our local community or a larger world community.

    Discipleship by edifying or educating God’s people. Christian education is a part but on a broader scale this includes any activity that helps people to become more like Christ in their thoughts, feelings and actions.

    Ministry by actively demonstrating God’s love to others by meeting their needs and healing their hurts in the name of Jesus.

    Fellowship initially through baptism and incorporating new believers into the body and then continuing to meet with and support one another in Christ as a community of believers.


We want to grow in Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.


Stelton Baptist Church will become a beacon of light that shares the love of Jesus in the community by meeting the needs of a number of families with the result that these families will come to faith. A program of nurturing and teaching alongside a growing fellowship will lead believers into a deeper spiritual experience.


As a church, we have the following core values:

  • The Word of God – divinely inspired, our guidance from a loving Father.

  • Corporate Worship – gathering together to collectively bring our praise and concerns to the Father.

  • The Gifts of God’s People – every individual is selected by God for a purpose and provided with unique gifts for that purpose.

  • Personal Integrity – Although we are all sinners, we strive to live in Christ a life that is above reproach.

  • Wholesome Fellowship – Love and concern for one another as believers without hidden agendas or selfish motivation.

  • The Souls of the Lost – deeply desire that all may come to know the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Service – from a thankful and loving spirit as Christ came to serve, so do we.

  • Teamwork – Everyone is responsible for the work of God and has value that no other persons can give.

  • Diversity – Our differences enrich our association and help us to recognize the variety of experiences and cultures within God’s grace.

  • Relevance – The timeless message of the Word of God is as important today as the day it was written.


We, the members of this church, through the grace of our triune God, humbly and solemnly covenant together:

  • To show God’s love and concern for the world and to advance God’s kingdom;

  • To accept [of] each other, even though we may hold different beliefs and feelings about how God’s love is made real;

  • To support and love [to] each other in the fellowship as we grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

We further recognize the need and responsibility of all individuals to develop their own Christian faith.

We pledge to continue to grow in faith by taking part in prayer and meditation, Christian education and bible study.

We strive to develop relationships with other Christian organizations

We covenant to attend the worship and services for this church, to fellowship with one another, and to cultivate sympathy and love in all our relationships;

We promise to aid and assist - prayerfully, loyally, and affectionately - the minister and others who seek to strengthen the witness of this church;

We covenant, as individuals and as a church, to initiate and support community, national and worldwide efforts to nurture love and to establish justice and human dignity for all.